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Why Mindfulness?

In our modern pressurised society we are living almost permanently in 'Fight or Flight' mode. This is unnatural to our body. We are only designed to momentarily experience this Fight or Flight mode, to help us flee from danger. If you have ever watched a nature programme on TV, the herd in the wild experiences this Fight or Flight state when confronted by a predator. Moments later the herd is again at ease once the danger has passed. All of the elevated levels of stress and the accompanying stress chemicals and hormones have been released by the body in running away from the predator.

However, because of the pressures of modern society we live in an almost permanent state of elevated stress, and therefore we are unable to discharge the stress hormones. These hormones encourage more worries because our minds and bodies continue to interpret these stress hormones as representing danger and so our worries continue to grow:...... There's not enough hours in the day to do all I have to do ......what if I haven't enough money to pay the mortgage?.....what if Iose my job?....what if my child doesn't do well in exams?......what if?......what if? ......what if?.....

These 'what if's are largely made up, with little or no evidence to verify that this will turn out to be the case. Mindfulness is the solution to moving out of these worry patterns. When you notice you have begun to worry, practice bringing your mind back to what you are doing right now. Use the word 'concentrate' to focus on what's ACTUALLY happening now. Each time you do this you are building a new thinking habit in your mind, the habit of being present in your Life, just like you were as a child, and gradually this will reduce the worrying habit you have built up over time.

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