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What is the connection between the Soul, Higher Consciousness and the Physical Body?

Have you ever heard the expression "You are not a human being having a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being having a human experience"? I was blessed to receive proof of this at the young age of 13, when spontaneously, a series of spiritual events and awakenings began to happen. These continued initially for a period of 8 years and involved precognitive dreams, psychic and mediumship abilities, out of body experiences, channelled messages, sacred geometry, visitations and a channelled invitation from Source to help change the world, by me bringing, and teaching others to bring, more of the collective Source Light into the world. Interestingly, the latest spiritual expansion has been my ability to see and download Light Language, which is very apt, considering my very first spiritual experience was that channelled message of bringing more Light into the world.

I know how blessed I am to have these first-hand experiences of connection with my Soul and Divine Energy, especially during my formative years. My life changed forever from the first of those experiences. It’s a fact from my direct, lived experience that there is a whole other spiritual realm in which we simultaneously exist, whilst living on earth as a human being.

I have the proof that there is much more to us than our physical bodies. We are souls, living in a ‘suit’, being housed in a physical body, for this particular lifetime. While that ‘suit’ changes throughout our lifetimes, the soul is timeless and eternal. Throughout millennia the question has been posed “How do we connect with our souls, while living in a physical world?”

This I can answer from my twenty-five year professional expertise in clinical practice in the modalities of Psychology, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Kundalini Yoga, Dietetics, Ki-Energy Healing, Quantum Healing and having founded three international Mindfulness Academies. In order to avoid confusion I’d like to point out that there are many different names that are used interchangeably for the soul: Higher Self / Spirit / Core Being / Oversoul / True Nature / Real Self.....and I’m sure many others exist.

Now, back to the age-old question “How do we tap into this higher consciousness that exists within us? Well, here are some ways that I have personally achieved this:

Awakening to Your Soul Identity

Firstly, we need to open our minds to our true identity. We are not merely physical beings. We are souls, spiritual entities, having a human experience. This understanding is vital, as it shifts our perception from operating in a lower vibration life, where there is nothing more than day-to day existence, to living one of soul connection and higher consciousness.

To start exploring this true identity ask yourself “If I can alternate my thoughts between positive or negative, what is the part of me that is doing the choosing?” Allow this question to percolate in your mind and you will become more convinced that another part of you exists, it’s your soul. Thus begins the journey of awakening. Your ever-connected companion, your soul, now responds to your increased interest in it and will begin giving you more signs and nudges of its existence.

As the journey of awakening begins, your experiences transcend the purely physical realm. This understanding and experience, brings a richness to our life, as we connect more with our spirit within, and we begin to travel on our own unique spiritual path.

How to Connect with Your Soul

The present moment is the portal, or gateway, to connecting with your soul. It’s simple, but not easy at the beginning. It involves being fully present, mindful, and aware in as many moments as possible, throughout the day. To be truly mindful you must use all five senses, or as many senses that are available to you in that given situation.

Next on the list is meditation. Being honest I was a reluctant meditator initially, as I felt I was already very spiritually connected and was having wonderful spiritual experiences. These I now know were the utterances of the infamous Ego! Once I started meditating these spiritual experiences became more frequent and even more profound.

As you put these practices of mindfulness and meditation into a ‘No-Choice category in your daily life, you will begin to connect deeply with your inner self and have greater access to your intuition, which is the guidance from your soul. This connection with the present moment is what enables us to tap into our higher consciousness, to receive the eternal wisdom and guidance of our soul.

Living from Higher Consciousness

Higher consciousness is defined formally as "a state of heightened awareness and perception, brought about from deeply connecting with the Soul". It's a state we can consciously choose to live from, to access wisdom, understanding, and insights that are transcendent in their nature.

Living at this higher level of consciousness experience can happen 1) spontaneously or 2) systematically:

1.      We can have peak moments where higher consciousness/transcendent states occur spontaneously. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience these regularly in my life, since age 13. These experiences cause a permanent increase in consciousness, where life will never be the same again - in the best possible way, of course 😀.


2.      Alternatively, to begin or deepen our experiences of Higher Consciousness we can bring systematic practices into our lives, which will, in time, cause these changes in consciousness to occur. Here are some of these practices:

1.      The penultimate of these is to live in the present moment.

2.      Next on my list is meditation, which also enhances our ability to be present. In fact, these two dovetail together very nicely, to access those higher consciousness states.

3.      Of course, “Being the Boss of our Thoughts” is essential too, as we won’t be able to stay in the present moment, if negative thoughts and unhelpful thinking styles occupy centre-stage in our minds.

4.      Spend time in nature, the more the better.

5.      Gratitude too is another excellent tool which helps stack our thoughts in the right direction.

(There are many more practices, which will be the topics of future blog posts).

My Final Thoughts

Although all of these practices require dedication, practice, and patience, the rewards are immeasurable. As we strengthen our connection with our souls, our lives become enriched, and we feel a deeper sense of purpose and fulfilment, not to mention the enjoyment of a truly wonderful and beautiful journey through Life.

In conclusion, we are more than our physical bodies. We are souls living in physical vessels. It's a journey of self-discovery, self-understanding, and spiritual growth. Finally, remember, you are a soul living in a physical body. Connect with your soul by repeatedly joining with the present moment. Embrace this journey of soul connection, and let it guide you towards a life of purpose, fulfilment, and spiritual growth.

Carmel Farnan ~ Higher Consciousness

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