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6 Week Online Mindfulness Course for Professionals


This 6 week Online Mindfulness training course is designed for Professionals who have an existing client base to whom they would like to offer Mindfulness as an additional therapeutic tool. To date we have trained thousands of professionals in this course, which was originally presented as our three day classroom based, Mindfulness for Professionals course.


Professionals who attended this course include Medical Consultants, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors and others in the field of healthcare and mental health. This course is also suitable for Human Resources Personnel, Primary and Secondary School Teachers, School and University Chaplains and School Guidance Counsellors, along with many other professions. Many professionals use this course as part of their CPD requirements. A certificate is issued on course completion.

Mindfulness opening door to relaxation

Course Overview

This course has been designed by Carmel Farnan, Founder of the Irish and British Mindfulness Academy's and International Mindfulness Trainer. She trained in Mindfulness in the USA in 1999, long before Mindfulness came to the fore in recent times. Carmel holds a BSc (Hons) Psychology and is a graduate member of the British Psychological Society (BPS). She is also a Psychotherapist and Counsellor and has been in clinical practice for the last twenty year.  The core training faculty at the British Mindfulness Academy, whose experience in the field of Mindfulness and Psychology spans in excess of forty years, have collaborated to incorporate key elements from CBT and Positive Psychology in this online course, in line with contemporary research findings. For all these reasons we are proud to present this course.

This is an online Mindfulness course written by Professionals for Professionals

As Mindfulness research continues to expand into all areas of life, a two-fold need has arisen for professionals to train in Mindfulness. Firstly in terms of self-care, Mindfulness has been shown to prevent burnout and also to greatly improve the relationship between the professional and their clients or patients. Secondly, Mindfulness research has repeatedly indicated its efficacy both in clinical practice and across a broad range of settings. 

The course is a unique blend of evidence-based tools and science from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). However, contemporary Mindfulness research indicates that the support of tools from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Positive Psychology allow deeper levels of Mindfulness experiences to be obtained. This makes perfect sense as everybody alive already has negative thinking styles and/or negative life experience and memories which usually hinder their attempts at practising Mindfulness. Once the effects of these are lessened through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Positive Psychology a person's happiness and well-being is greatly increased and sustained. This in turn leads to a greater ability to practice Mindfulness and the results are ever-increasing. Thus, this course is psycho-educational in nature and its original design provides attendees with the core skills to build and establish their own in-depth personal Mindfulness practice. In turn they can then offer Mindfulness as an additional therapeutic intervention to their clients.


*Please note this course does not qualify you as a Mindfulness Teacher, it is an add-on to your existing qualification* 

Who is it for?


This Certificate Course in 'Mindfulness for Professionals' is designed for Professionals working in a wide variety of contexts. On our testimonials page you will see how Consultant Psychiatrists, Nurses, General Practitioners, Hospice Staff, Occupational Therapists have gained great benefit on a personal and professional level from attending this course. The expansion of Mindfulness through every stream of society is evidenced by other attendees who include Primary and Secondary School Teachers and University staff from third level organisations. A large number of Counsellors and Psychotherapists also attend as well as other mental and physical health practitioners. The course is also of benefit to Human Resources personnel, Carers and Prison Staff. It is of note that many people opt to attend this course to deepen their own level of Mindfulness. For all professionals attending this course evidence of course hours will be provided for CPD purposes.

Course Benefits

  • Well-being and decreased levels in professional burnout.Benefits the practitioner in terms of reduced stress, increased happiness levels, increased positivity, greater sense of       

  • Provides an additional therapeutic tool to add value to your professional practice.

  • The comprehensive materials used within this course are yours to keep.

  • Daily interaction, if desired, with our Psychologist tutors via the online discussion forum.

  • Post-course you have lifetime access to updated key course material via our online course archive.

  • Upon course completion you can opt to join our private Facebook group to connect with like-minded professionals, who have completed this course. Membership of this group also provides access to latest relevant research from Mindfulness and Positive Psychology.

  • Post course completion we can help with any queries that may arise in relation to using Mindfulness in your professional setting.

Course Format

  • The course consists of 6 weekly modules delivered sequentially each Wednesday, in an online format for self-paced learning. There is no requirement to be online at any particular time. Contribution to the course online discussion forum is also at a time of your choice.

  • Course delivery will comprise of differing media formats to provide a more engaging and personal experience. You will need access to a PC, iMac or MacBook or windows based tablet to engage with the course content - only basic computing skills are required and support can be provided if necessary. 

  • In order to support participants there will be opportunities for 1-1 online interactions with course tutors for the duration of the course.

  • To enhance your learning about Mindfulness, in weeks 1, 3 and 5 you will be required to participate in the online discussion board, which will focus on a particular area of Mindfulness. A commitment to shared learning and appreciation of Mindfulness in an online environment is a key element of this course.

  • In weeks 2, 4 and 6 you will be asked to reflect on your progress through the course, during each of these weeks you will be required to submit a short online reflective account (maximum of 300 words) on how Mindfulness is influencing you on a personal and professional level.


*Please note: successful completion of the course and issue of a certificate will be dependent upon active participation in the discussion forums and submission of the reflective accounts as stated above.

Time Commitment

  • Approximately thirty minutes per day of Formal Mindfulness practice.

  • A commitment to Informal Mindfulness practice throughout the day.

  • Approximately 3 hours of online learning each week.

  • Each weeks course material is released each Wednesday at 9 am. You have one full week to complete each week's course material. There is no requirement to be online at any particular time during the week.

Course Content

  • The Lineage of Mindfulness - How eastern tradition has aligned with western science.

  • How our mind works and the role of thought in Mindfulness.

  • Understanding the conscious and unconscious mind and how they interact in enhancing or detracting from Mindfulness practice.

  • How our sensory systems are the foundational stone of Mindfulness practice.

  • Neuroplasticity - how the brain changes itself.

  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)  - the interplay of thoughts/feelings/emotions.

  • The autopilot of the mind - it's advantages and disadvantages in Mindfulness.

  • Mindfulness and Flow states- The Psychology of Happiness.

  • Elements from MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) incorporating both formal and informal Mindfulness practices.

  • The use of Mindfulness in clinical practice.

  • A suite of meditation practices for use in various contexts and populations.

  • Evidence-based practices from CBT to negate the effects of faulty thinking styles at a conscious level.

  • Scientifically validated techniques from Positive Psychology (the study of happiness)

  • Contemporary Neuroscience research indicating the benefits of Mindfulness.

  • Adapting Mindfulness to match the needs of unique individuals.

  • Contraindications of particular Mindfulness practises in certain conditions/cohorts.

  • Current research re Mindfulness in clinical practice and across contexts.

  • Physiological markers of The Relaxation Response.

  • Mindfulness in everyday life: How to develop and maintain an ongoing Personal and Clinical Mindfulness practice.

Please note: Completion of all 6 weeks of the course is necessary to qualify for the award of the Certificate in Mindfulness for Professionals, from the British Mindfulness Academy.
*Please ensure that you read the Terms and Conditions before booking a course with the British Mindfulness Academy
OLC Prof Book

Next Course Dates

OLCDates 2017

Commencing 10th July 2024, £299. Currently Booking at Early Bird Rate - FULL COURSE FEE £349


Weekly class material will be made available on 6 consecutive Wednesdays. There is no requirement to be online at a particular time.


Anne, Psychologist , Online Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"The course exceeded my expectations and is full of valuable information. It was transformative, enjoyable, educational and inspirational".

Vanessa Fletcher, Online Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"This course has been one of the best I have done. Practical, relevant, challenging and insightful. It has inspired me on my journey of Mindfulness and has given me confidence to share the practice in the workplace. Highly recommended".

Margaret O'Connor , Counsellor, Online Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"This is an extremely interesting, practical and rewarding course which will benefit you and your clients. I would highly recommend it to anyone".

Hannah Clarke , Teacher & Integrative Psychotherapist, Online Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"This was a fabulous course, lots of depth, great additional articles and fabulous support. I loved it!".

Angela, Online Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"A thoroughly enriching, thoughtfully crafted course comprising solid theory with life-enhancing practical experiences. The Positive Psychology elements complement the central Mindfulness theme, bringing fresh and enlightening perspectives".

Katherine Cooper , Mental Health Nurse, Online Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey of Mindfulness for Professionals and feel this will complement my practice as a mental health nurse. The added bonus is that I am more mindful as and individual, which can only benefit my own quality of life and those around me.  Thank you Carmel and team for a fantastic journey of self exploration and expansion".

Sally Parkin , Midwife, Online Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"I started integrating the exercises into work on the first week, by week three I noticed a clear benefit to myself and those around me from my own daily mindfulness practice. I am now really excited to offer this to the expectant parents I work with. Thank you!".

Miriam Murphy , Psychologist, Online Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"I found this course to be very thorough and would recommend it to any professional as an essential tool to have. The implications of its use are boundless in any mental health profession".

Dr John Boyle, Consultant Psychiatrist, Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"I would recommend this course to any Doctor or mental health clinician. You won't regret it."


Neily Gallagher, Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"it took me 19 years learning and heard it all in 3 days! Loved it."


Anne Hogarth - Clinical Audiological Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"This course was one of the most important 3 days in my career. The delivery and it's conent was excellent and is Life-Changing. I could not offer any improvements. Very highly recommended. Well Done!"


Ivan Wkadk, Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"Brilliant course, fulfilled my expectations."


Helen Clark, Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"I would strongly recommend this course to anyone working with people in a therapeutic area. It has given me very useful tools to bring me forward in both my personal life and my career."

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