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Cathy Lewis - Mindfulness for Stress Reduction Course.
​"Presenter and material were excellent. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants more happiness and more peace."



Dr John Boyle, Consultant Psychiatrist, Belfast , Mindfulness for Professionals Course.
"I would recommend this course to any Doctor or mental health clinician. You won't regret it."
Brid Ni Chadhan, Mindfulness for Stress Reduction Course.
"I really enjoyed the course. I can already feel the shift in my consciousness towards being in the moment. Clear idea of how to switch from the negative thoughts that can overwhelm."
Helen Clark, Mindfulness for Professionals Course.


"I would strongly recommend this course to anyone working with people in a therapeutic area. It has given me very useful tools to bring me forward in both my personal life and my career."

Ivan Wkadk, Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"Brilliant course, fulfilled my expectations."

Neily Gallagher, Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"it took me 19 years learning and heard it all on this course! Loved it."



Maxine O'Hora, Mindfulness for Individuals Course.

"Excellent. The best course I have ever done."


Fergal C., Mindfulness for Stress Reduction Course.

“Thank you Carmel Farnan (course facilitator) - I did this Mindfulness course in January 2014. I had a bad habit of worrying about future events and feeling guilty about previous events in my life. This led to anxiety, stress and insomnia. All I can say is after attending this course I am a changed individual. I concentrate and live in the now. On what is going on right now in my life, rather than next week’s presentation I have to give, or will I be able to pay my mortgage at the end of the month.


Before I attended the course I felt I did not have the skills to achieve change, but for me it was almost overnight. The key to it was practice and writing down the positive and putting the negatives to one side. They will look after themselves. When I go for my evening walk now, hail rain or snow I leave my ipod behind. I walk and take everything in. The smell of the grass, the sight of the tress and nature all around me. I listen to the ducks in the park, or the simple sound of the water in the river. By simply using my god given senses I am enjoying that walk and taking everything in. 


This course gave me the tools to do these things and although I am only two weeks into it the results and my general outlook on everyday life is very positive. Also as part of the course there was also a Meditation session. Now, having suffered from insomnia for years I was sceptical of this. I had done Reiki, acupuncture massages, medication – all to no avail. I also listened to cd’s or phone apps of relaxing music but none of these worked for me. When we did the meditation on the course I was so relaxed and chilled out I wondered how I was going to wake myself up.


All I can say is from a personal perspective after attending this course my mind does not wander off when I use the daily techniques. It stays clearly in the now. I would recommend anyone to try it to see if it brings something new, useful, helpful and life-changing to their lives no matter what their ailments are. The first step is doing the course. Once you have made that step you WILL notice a difference for the better.



Jerome P., Mindfulness at Work Training, Public Sector.

“We recently organised a ‘Lunch & Learn’ at work, at which Carmel Farnan, from The British Mindfulness Academy, kindly gave us a presentation on ‘Mindfulness’. The presentation was excellent and a real positive experience, I also found it to be calming and very relaxing. I am planning on integrating what I learned from the presentation into my life and work practise on a daily basis. I especially enjoyed the discussions which people got to tease out their different ways of thinking and their ideas of what mindfulness is to them.

Carmel is a lovely facilitator, very knowledgeable, warm and welcoming, which in turn got people relaxed and more open to asking questions.

I would like to thank Carmel for taking the time to facilitate the course and giving us a taste of mindfulness and an appetite for more. Hope to have you back very soon!”.


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